We at the SSU work to achieve a fair and democratic world. Hunger, war and oppression must be combated.

The world’s resources are unfairly distributed. In the chase for short-term profits, the environment is being destroyed and millions of people exploited. Child labour and human trafficking are terrible indications of how poor people are affected by others seeking to make money. Rich nations dominate and set the terms of engagement at the cost of other countries, sometimes even through the use of violence. Poverty and lack of influence stop people feeling secure and growing. We believe in a world of equality.

The SSU wants an increase in collaboration across national borders. A strong UN is the best tool for achieving peace and security. All nations must respect human rights, international law and democracy.

  • The SSU demands that the world’s resources are divided fairly. Globalisation must be democratic and fairness must always be put before capitalist interests.
  • The SSU condemns all occupation. We believe that an international court should be able to charge nations, organisations and people who breach international law.
  • The SSU wants people who are ill to receive medicines, and patent rights should not prevent this. Forces opposing the fight against HIV/AIDS must be combated.