Full employment is fundamental to our policies and a precondition for closing the gaps in society. One in four young people are currently unemployed. It doesn’t have to be that way. We will never accept one in four people being excluded. Every unemployed person represents a failure of the system and a terrible waste of young people’s time and energy.

We believe in the possibility of investing our way out of crises and unemployment, for example by investing in the welfare sector, the environment and key industries of the future. We can do this through 100,000 new jobs, apprenticeships and training places. Getting everyone into employment is important both for the individual and for society. With more people in work, the economy improves and we are then also able to tackle welfare issues.

People affected by unemployment require interventions from day one. Training, work experience and apprenticeships are a natural bridge to working life. Many young people are turned down for jobs because they lack sufficient work experience. We therefore want all young people to be able to take their first steps into working life by offering them all summer jobs.

Sweden needs to compete on knowledge, not on lower pay. We therefore believe that training and educating more people, rather than fewer, is the best way to combat unemployment.

  • We want to invest in 100,000 new jobs, apprenticeships and training places.
  • We want everyone who leaves upper secondary school without sufficient qualifications to have the opportunity to catch up in order to then move into work or higher education.
  • We want to waive employer contributions for employers who take on an unemployed young person and introduce a first job allowance for those who employ young long-term unemployed people.
  • We want all upper secondary students to be offered a summer job.