The SSU wants Sweden to be an open and tolerant country. We think it is important to make the most of the positive benefits that come from different experiences.

People come to our country because they are fleeing war and injustice. Or because they dream of a future in a place other than where they happen to have been born. People’s curiosity is a positive force that can lead to creativity and innovation, which will be in high demand in the future.

However, there are those who disagree, who close the door on people who they feel have the wrong appearance or the wrong background. There are also people who gain from splitting people into an A team and a B team and offering lower pay and living conditions to those who do not come from the right background. We all lose out in this situation. Discrimination and intolerance lead to greater insecurity and a waste of skills, as well as threatening our democracy.

The SSU therefore wants to wipe out racism and work towards a society where everyone is included and no one is discriminated against. We can all help to achieve this and we will all benefit from it.

  • The SSU demands positive action for underrepresented groups in the labour market. This is an effective way to break down discrimination.
  • The SSU demands strong measures to combat discrimination regarding admission to clubs, bars and restaurants. Clubs, bars and restaurants guilty of discrimination are to have their licences revoked.
  • The SSU demands that those employed in the justice system are to be educated about the racist and discriminatory structures that exist in the courtroom and in society.