Everyone has the right to good housing. The housing shortage and segregation are a sign of political failure. Our housing policy aims at ensuring that no one is without housing. We also want to see modern housebuilding techniques applied in a move to create an ecologically sustainable society that does not waste natural resources.

Good access to housing will mean more people getting jobs, as it will be easier to move where the work is. With more and more people entering the housing market and fewer and fewer homes being built, the housing shortage has become one of the most acute problems for the younger generation. Housing must be included in the concept of welfare, and the fact that some people have no housing must be considered a shared problem for the whole of society. The housing shortage is unacceptable.

Our housing policy focuses primarily on offering housing for everyone through cheaper rents. Many people are currently forced into insecure forms of tenure such as subletting, both formal and informal. Solving these problems requires a more ambitious programme of homebuilding than we are seeing at the moment, particularly in areas where demand is greatest. The housing situation in cities with a shortage needs to be tackled in the first instance through an increase in building.

Building is expensive, but the fact that young people’s adult lives are starting increasingly late is even more costly in the long run. An increase in homebuilding will also boost the economy and get more people into work.

  • We want to build 40,000 new homes per year, with at least half of them rental properties.
  • We want to upgrade and improve the energy efficiency of Sweden’s social housing and its housing stock from the major building programme of the mid 1960s-70s.
  • We want the government to support investment in ecofriendly and affordable rental properties.
  • We want to improve the scope for tenants to have a say regarding their housing and local environment.