The SSU wants everyone to have the same opportunities in life. Our vision is for a society where everyone can realise their dreams, irrespective of gender and sexual orientation.

Women work more and earn less than men. Women have less influence in society and risk suffering sexual harassment and violence. A great deal of money is made from presenting girls in everything from advertising to pornography as goods rather than people.

We at the SSU take it as read that both political power and power over the economy must be divided equally between the sexes. Laws that are not gender neutral must be changed and parental benefits divided equally between the parents. Our society is not democratic as long as one half of the population is treated worse than the other. The SSU is a feminist organisation that fights for girls and boys to be seen as people and not as a particular gender.

  • The SSU believes printed images that touch up or manipulate the human body and promote an unachievable ideal should be labelled with a text or a symbol.
  • The SSU wants foreign women to have the right to have an abortion in Sweden, and the right to an abortion is to be inscribed in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The SSU wants to stop the discrimination that results in women being paid less than men.
  • We also want to abolish the tax relief on household services.