Global warming, pollution, eutrophication and resource depletion are just some of the direct consequences of the way we live. At this moment in time, biodiversity and the natural ecocycle are under threat. We want a society focused on the natural ecocycle, where we do not consume more of the earth’s resources than solidarity with future generations allows. The conditions for the natural ecocycle and for life must be preserved and the use of resources must therefore be sustainable and fair.

One of the greatest threats to sustainable development globally is overconsumption and overproduction by the richer nations. In order to achieve a sustainable society, this overconsumption and overproduction must stop. Some of this overconsumption relates to the use of large areas to rear animals and grow feed for animals. If this land was used for the production of crops instead, many more people would have a secure supply of food.

Oil is the single greatest cause of humanity’s impact on the climate, and we remain dangerously dependent on it. Sweden must break its dependence on oil by 2020. We will achieve this by investing in environmental technology, energy efficiency and public transport.

The Baltic Sea is dying. Overfishing, eutrophication and toxic emissions have made it one of the world’s most polluted inland seas. The Baltic Sea urgently needs serious measures to combat eutrophication, hazardous chemicals to be phased out and an immediate halt to overfishing.

  • Sweden’s dependence on oil is to be eradicated by 2020.
  • The Baltic Sea is to be saved by prohibiting hazardous chemicals, stopping eutrophication and ceasing overfishing.
  • Sweden’s emissions of greenhouse gases are to fall by 40 percent by 2020 and energy consumption in our homes is to be reduced by 30 percent.