Education is about opening doors. Opening the door to a better future, to personal development and, above all, opening the door to the labour market. Unfortunately that door has been closed for many young people. The second chance in life that adult education at Komvux provided for thousands of young people is now no longer available to as many. The number of places has been cut at a time when more young people than ever are dropping out of upper secondary school.

We know that there is a direct link between education and employment. The more education you have, the greater the chance of getting a job. We therefore want to boost young people’s education levels by ensuring that everyone without sufficient qualifications from upper secondary school will have a second chance to catch up. Many jobs in modern Sweden require more than upper secondary qualifications. We therefore want more people to have the opportunity to go on to university. We also want to increase the number of places on vocational training courses. The link between education and the labour market is incredibly important. We therefore want to give all students the opportunity for work experience at a relevant workplace during their studies.

At compulsory school, the presence of adults is crucial, not just for good study results but also for student conduct, support for students with greater needs and combating bullying. We therefore want to provide Sweden’s municipalities with extra funding to bring more teachers and other adults into the lives of students.

  • We want to give students the opportunity for work experience to facilitate their move from studying to working.
  • We want to give more people the opportunity to improve their qualifications at Komvux and invest in more places on vocational training courses.
  • We want to invest in apprenticeships and trainee programmes at Sweden’s workplaces.
  • We want to improve advice given to students at upper secondary school and university on studying and careers.