About the SSU

The SSU is the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League. Our goal is the liberation of people everywhere. Our vision is for a world where everyone is given the opportunity to realise their innermost dreams. Everyone should have the right to control their own life and, together with others, shape future policy.

People are currently hindered and limited by various forms of structural obstacle. Class divides lead to inequality of life chances and power. Equally limiting are the social and cultural divides that restrict us and keep us apart. Women are limited by gender bias. Many Swedes with a foreign background suffer discrimination and racism. Homosexual, bisexual and transgender people encounter discrimination, threats and violence. People with a disability meet with all sorts of obstacles in their battle to determine their own lives. The SSU wants to create hope in a future where we can shape our own lives, free from restrictive constructs.

The SSU believes that one of the best tools for successfully establishing equality is the general welfare model, where everyone gives according to their ability and receives according to their need. In the general welfare model, children and young people receive a good education whatever their parents’ background, older people are guaranteed quality elderly care and sick people are given good health care, whatever the size of their wallet. The SSU also believes in prioritising full employment as a way to create liberation and equal opportunities.